27 Feb

QR Codes;Tips for Getting Yours Scanned

What are QR Codes?

They look like UPC codes, but these alphanumeric characters store much more data. Market your business, extend the reach of your brand, reveal your website or a landing page. The possibilities are endless. Looking to integrate QR codes into your marketing mix?

Here are a few tips that will help with QR Codes:

Provide Quick Access

The best way to work with a QR code is to download a free app for your device. Both the Market (Droid) and iTunes (iPhone) have apps.

Provide Short Instructions

Don’t assume your audience knows a lot about QR codes. When adding a code to your marketing materials, be sure to tell the audience what to use to scan it by placing some instructive text next to the code; i.e. “Scan the QR Code with your Smartphone.”

Give the Audience Incentive

QR Codes should have value. Making it easier to get directions to your store, or getting complete product information to their device quickly. For them to make the effort, make sure there is a reward.

Educate Your Audience on QR Codes 

While you could just put a QR Code out there and let them fend for themselves, it’s better to introduce your audience to QR Codes in your newsletter, blog post, a page on your website, etc.

Give Your Audience Some Examples -   

Clothing of all sorts has become a popular background for QR codes. Hats, belt buckles and even tattoos are making an appearance.



Use QR codes on envelope labels to display additional business information when you mail out letters and advertising media.


 QR Codes on Stamps

Businesses are using television commercials to advertise special coupons in QR codes.

TV Commercials

QR Codes on TV Commercials 

Creative uses of color and style applied to QR codes:

Creative Ads


Real estate professionals use QR codes to link to special websites or contact information.

Real Estate


A stylish example of what you can do with QR codes on an ordinary business card.

Business Cards


A creative representation of how QR codes can enhance your products:

Product Design


Coupons and special offers are one of the most popular uses for QR codes.

Special Offers


Music downloads appeal to the entertainment lover and offer a chance for artists to showcase their music.

Music Downloads

 Music Downloads

QR codes can link to additional product information in retail stores.

Product Information



For more on QR Codes. If you need help managing your digital marketing including QR Codes.

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